Welcome to the Rassweiler Lab

We study coastal systems with an emphasis on two complimentary topics:

  1. The spatial management of marine resources, and

  2. Resilience and abrupt ecological state changes

Our research is motivated by the dual goals of advancing ecological theory and influencing management decisions, address these topics using modeling, analysis of existing datasets, observational field work and manipulative experiments.

Lab Updates:

The joint research group, the Rasster Lab (Rassweiler-Lester) is currently in Round 2 of the NSF Idea Machine competition. We are 1 of the 30 submissions out of 800 selected to move to Round 2. Our Big Idea focuses on “Designing Ecosystems for the Future.”

As part of Round 2, we submitted a video to NSF that will be released on their website for public comment. Click here for the link to comment and view. You can view the video below:

Prospective Graduate Students:

If you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student for Fall 2020, please read up on the FSU Biology graduate program (https://www.bio.fsu.edu/grad/) to see if it sounds like a good match for your interests. Then send Dr. Rassweiler an email with a short description of your research interests and attach your CV. 

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @RassterLab

Email: rassweiler@bio.fsu.edu

Office: 4059 King Life Sciences

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