9/7 Rass Measuring alpha and beta diversity first 3 pages of both Jost 2006 and Socolar et al. 2016
9/14 Bobbie Turnover and temporal beta diversity Dornelas et al. 2014
9/21 Jasmin Landscape change, spatial disturbance, and homogenization Carugati et al. 2018
9/28 Scott How to consider very different groups simultaneously (taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversities) Tittensor et al. 2010
10/5 Josh Effects of climate change on patterns of biodiversity Stuart-Smith et al. 2018
10/12 Sophie Effect of invasions on biodiversity Altieri et al. 2010
10/19 Nicole Relationship between biodiversity and resilience/stability Isbell et al. 2015
10/26 Jenn How does biodiversity relate to ecosystem function/services? Soliveres et al. 2016
11/2 Natali What is the value of biodiversity itself as an ecosystem service? Bekessy et al. 2018
11/9 Molly What can coexistance theoury tell us about how to conserve biodiversity Ettinger and HilleRisLambers 2013
11/16 Ally Spatial biodiversity hotspots or umbrella species as ways to target conservation Marchese 2015
11/23 Thanksgiving No Class -----
11/30 Sarah Engineering and restoring biodiversity ----
12/7 Rachel Predicting future biodiversity (Are we locked on a track towards a mass extinction)? Brooks et al. 2006